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Personalised Health Alliance and ph360

Every person is unique with their own health issues, specific genes, preferred lifestyle and environment. Each HealthType tends to have a dominant set of physical strengths and weaknesses, natural levels of hormones and neurotransmitter activity, physiological predispositions and inherent behaviours and needs. 

Epigenetics is the study of the activity ‘on’ or ‘outside of’ the genes.

Epigenetics explains the external modifications (the sequences don’t change, but the shape and ‘readability’ of the DNA strand may change) that lead to an activation or deactivation of a gene. 

Everything...anything that is part of the environment will change your phenotype. Even looking at a rock on the ground will alter your brain tissue and pathways through a series of genetic activations creating a memory of ‘a rock on the ground’ that wasn’t in your memory before that point in time.

This platform uses an AI tool that assesses the somatotypes (body type) as defined by ph360, commonly known as the HealthTypes. It relies on objective measurements of the body, with a particular focus on the size and shape of the skeleton as a key factor in determining underlying physiology. Using 80 different anthropometric ratios, the algorithm deciphers and classifies the specific HealthType.

It is this classification that helps determine characteristics of the hormonal profile, both through development and during adult life. More than 500 ratios and over 10,000 data points that create a single ph360™ profile.

This includes the calculation of specific genes from the phenotype data. For example, height is related to over 1500 genes, and indeed you can predict height to within 2.5cm based on genes alone. Therefore, the measure of height can translate to the activation of certain genes.

These somatotypes are Activator, Connector, Guardian, Diplomat, Sensor and Crusader on a continuum. A great body of evolving research information is also incorporated into understanding the epigenetics of these different biotypes/ health types.

By understanding the morphology of a body, we can determine the hormones and genes that have been active in its creation. These hormones do not just form the shape of the body, but also influence the size and shape of the organs which, in turn, alter the function of those organs.

Shae is your tool to access this data on your personalised health and epigenetics allowing completely personalised support and prescription based on a person’s unique biology and it’s response to the environment. 

Heavier muscular and bone mass class are in the endomorphic continuum (some Connectors-Guardian-some Diplomats), some as on the ectomorphic continuum (some Diplomats-Sensors-some Crusaders) and mesomorphic continuum (some Crusaders-Activators-some Connectors). We can all recognise that a shot putter (endomorph/guardian axis) not only has different assets strengths and weaknesses from of a ballerina (ectomorph/ Sensor axis), but will need different things for their optimum performance, health and wellbeing.


For more information please watch this short videos An Introduction to Personalised Health parts 1-4

For a deeper explanation please see this presentation by Dr. Cam McDonald “Personalised Health Webinar - One man's cure is another's poison”

Ones health type also determine ones chronobiology. “Chrono” means time and “Biology” means the study of life. People are exposed to different forces periodically and cyclically.

It is easy to see then that a shot putter will need different foods at different times and will thrive doing different exercise/ movement at different times than will the ballerina. It is these differentiations that prove the one size does NOT fit all. This is why your brothers diet and exercise program worked for him and didn’t for you however diligently you applied it.

This platform personilses everything including helping you to understand who you are as a thinking feeling being. “”Knowing thyself is the beginning of wisdom” written above the doorway of the great Temple of Apollo at Delphi.

Overall, 30% of all treatments, whatever the modality, fail. This is often due to the adherence o the one size fits all reductionist thinking within conventional biomedical systems. A personalised health plan is a roadmap to succeed.

Are you interested in taking the ph360 health assessment to develop a personalised health plan?

Emma, who has seen amazing results among her patients when they adopt good nutrition and individualised healthcare plans, invites you to join her in this ground-breaking health assessment. By delving into epigenetics, lifestyle, environment, climate factors and more, you will be set on the path for long-term optimal health. What could be better? Join Emma today and find out more.

Breaking New Grounds with Ph360 Health Assessment App

Dr Emma is using a revolutionary health assessment tool called Ph360.

Emma describes it as an important lens that she uses to provide her with the crucial additional information she needs to help her patients develop their own customised health plan.