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About Nurse Elsa | Bachelor of Nursing


MBChB 1992 (Bachelor of Nursing N.Z)

Elsa has been a registered Nurse for 13 years. After completing her Bachelor of Nursing (in Tauranga NZ) Elsa then moved to Australia gaining experience in a range of disciplines; lastly Intensive Care, before moving back to NZ to have her son. Elsa’s always had a very strong interest in Natural medicine. For the past 3 years she has been administering IV vitamin therapy in a holistic setting utilising her depth of knowledge in many areas to support her patients in enhancing and preserving their quality of life. 

Elsa loves working with clients who want to take accountability for their health. Her passion is integrative medicine where natural medicine compliments conventional and she sees this as the future of healthcare. 

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The Philosophy Behind Nourishing Eyes

I want to be the leading practitioner of Natural Ophthalmology in New Zealand and to contribute to that arena in the world of Ophthalmology, bringing this additional tool, as an adjunct, into mainstream clinical Ophthalmology, thus empowering and broadening patient knowledge and choice. I also seek to increase the tools at the disposal of conventional ophthalmologist to increase the effectiveness of conventional treatments.