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The Philosophy Behind Nourishing Eyes

Hello there and welcome to Nourishing Eyes. I am Emma and I want to give you valuable insights into the world of natural ophthalmology and how it works.

The key definitions as I see it are -

Natural Ophthalmology:

using any natural therapy (no pharmaceutical or surgical) from nutrition and herbs to massage, breathing and mindfulness.

Modern Allopathic Ophthalmology:

using pharmaceutical eye drops, medicines and surgeries to affect control treatment or cure of eye disease.

Vision Statement

"I want to be the leading practitioner of Natural Ophthalmology in New Zealand and to contribute to that arena in the world of Ophthalmology, bringing this additional tool, as an adjunct, into mainstream clinical Ophthalmology, thus empowering and broadening patient knowledge and choice."


Mission Statement

I am a Medical Doctor, Fellow of the Royal College of Ophthalmologist of England, a Naturopath and Medical Herbalist.

My passion is to nourish eyes, both directly and by fundamentally improving general health. I bring nutrition, herbs and other natural modalities into academic and scientific ophthalmology and into their applications in clinical practice.

My key roles are:-

  • to improve patient outcomes, by adding this knowledge to their ophthalmic care, to educate, serve and empower patients with a gamut of eye conditions

  • to further scientific research in the arena of Natural Ophthalmology

  • to elucidate the power of nutrition and herbs to my ophthalmic colleagues, leading to integration of Natural and conventional Ophthalmology as the standard practice

  • to continue my personal and professional growth leading a life of authenticity, service and love

If you'd like to find out more please feel free to contact me for your consultation.

My Beliefs? Nature Provides What You Need For Your Health

I believe that natural health should be available and affordable for all, not just a privileged choice available to just the wealthier minority of our community. We have anthropological evidence of plants being used as medicines and in ceremony, e.g. the Shanidar Cave, Iraq, dating back 60,000 years. If you think back to the very beginnings of herbal and natural health medicine it was indeed available to all.

As long as you knew which herbs to use, for what complaint, where to find them, how to harvest them and how to use them (a tea, a poultice, a salve etc), then the tools of healing yourself were at your fingertips. Our communities held the people who had studied or apprenticed in this knowledge in high regard. They were our Tohunga, our wise women, our midwives.

The word drug is from the old French word ‘drogue’ meaning to dry referring originally to dried herbs (Bone & Mills, 2013). 80% of allopathic drugs have resulted from research of herbal medicines and even though they can be synthesised some are still extracted from the plant e.g. quinine, ergot, digitalis, vincristine (Chaudhury,1991). This in itself should give us confidence in our understanding of the efficacy of herbal medicine.

It is also fascinating to me that so many of our modern diseases are directly caused by the foods we eat. The ancients understood this too. Jesus advised a man suffering from epilepsy to fast (Mark, n.d.). The Ketogenic Diet mimics fasting. Hippocrates only tools were diet and herbs and yet he was the first scientific doctor and is widely hailed as the father of modern medicine. Dr. Geyelin reported his results using KD in epileptic children to the American Medical Association in 1921 (Carl E. & Rho, 2004) (Wheless, 2004). Johns Hopkins Ketogenic Center has been administering the diet since the 1920’s (The John’s Hopkins university, n.d.). Finally, before the advent of the mass production of insulin, diabetes was treated by a low carbohydrate diet and the ketogenic diet.

Why have we locked all this knowledge in a box and left it unused by modern medicine? Surely we should be taking Hippocrates advise and building upon successive generations of knowledge (Tsiompanou & Marketos, 2013) rather than reinventing the wheel and getting a rigid square. Because I can tell you modern medicine without the partnership of ancient knowledge gives a bumpy ride!! (Goldacre, 2012). Together in partnership you know that you can successfully cherry pick!

My dearest wish is that we reclaim our health and power of self-determination for ourselves and precious children (born perfect). The body knows how to heal if only given the tools and relieved of the hindrances to do so.

Natural Healing: How to Heal with the Power of Nature

The knowledge that I have acquired through my medical and ophthalmology and naturopathic training is at your disposal. I seek to add to the treatments and options given to you by your lead ophthalmologist, physician, surgeon or GP, to speed you to a brighter future and give you the best possibility of reaching the best potential that you can. I hope that the understanding and confidence that you gain will have farther reaching effects than just your own health. I hope that you will be ‘the proof in the pudding’ to others, that you in turn heal your family with good food, love and the knowledge that you have the power to heal your life.

Hence my moto is Nourishing Eyes by Nourishing Life.

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Emma Sandford | Practitioner of Natural Ophthalmology

Dr. Emma realised there was an unmet need expressed by patients who wanted to take charge of their own health and assist their eye conditions, so instead of continuing her ophthalmology training to become a consultant, she pursued Natural Medicine