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Nourishing Eyes by Nourishing Life

Natural Health Care Advice for Eye Conditions - Natural Ophthalmology

Naturopath, medical herbalist Health Consultant & health coach ph360

Nourishing Eyes

Providing patients with the tools and knowledge to affect and improve their eye health with natural ophthalmology in addition to their conventional specialist’s advice and care.

Nourishing Life

As a Natural Health Consultant, Emma is a medical doctor, a naturopath and medical herbalist based in the Bay of Plenty. She treats the whole range of health conditions, with a particular focus on lifestyle and nutrition.

“Having a foot in both camps, conventional medicine and progressive natural treatments means that Emma has the knowledge, expertise and wisdom to provide the very best care. I'm very grateful to Emma for her contribution to my health and wellness”.


Emma's philosophy

Emma's philosophy and understanding of health is fundamentally based in environmental and mental health, diet and lifestyle choices, your 'self talk' and your coping mechanisms.

Emma understands you are an individual, with very individual problems, experiences and history. Emma will provide you with a detailed health questionnaire to complete and add your own comments to. Through this and also by acquiring different medical reports Emma can begin to get a feel for where you’ve been and where you are right now.

Initial consultations usually take between 1.5 hours to 2 hours and where you will begin to work together to tackle your eye health issues begin.

About Emma

Emma did her medical and junior specialist training in the U.K. and came to New Zealand nearly 20 years ago with her Kiwi husband Jason.

Dr. Emma realised there was an unmet need expressed by patients who wanted to take charge of their own health and assist their eye conditions, so instead of continuing her ophthalmology training to become a consultant, she pursued Natural Medicine, joining only one other (to her knowledge) ophthalmologist in the world, to treat patients almost exclusively using diet, lifestyle and herbal treatments (Natural Ophthalmology).

Nutrition and medicinal herbs can add a tremendous advantage to patient and clinician in pursuing improved outcomes. Emma writes extensively for Retina NZ and shares many news and articles here that includes advice on nutrition and foods for eye health.

Natural eye care is an affordable adjunct to conventional care and ought to be within anyone's reach financially and Emma's belief is that Natural Medicine is the birth right of everyone and can easily be made affordable.