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Eye Health Consultation

Emma's philosophy and understanding of health is fundamentally based in environmental and mental health, diet and lifestyle choices, your 'self talk' and your coping mechanisms.

Generally, the first consultation is a 1.5 to 2 hours discussion of how ill health manifests in your body, your constitutional weaknesses and any family vulnerability to certain diseases.

You will be asked about your full medical and medicines history. There is a great focus on your diet and lifestyle, your crutches from pies to cream cakes, and 'poisons' like alcohol, cigarettes etc. Your emotional/ spiritual landscape and behaviours including childhood trauma are also delicately explored.

Because Natural Medicine is not widely funded aside from the odd concession to physiotherapy, acupuncture and a handful of other modalities, it can be rather expensive, especially using herbs and supplements in the long term.

However, Emma's belief is that Natural Medicine is the birth right of everyone and can easily be made affordable. The idea is to leave with a solution, not a cost benefit quandry. You may encouraged to plant herbs into your garden, balcony pots or kitchen windowsill. The deal might be, you look after them and they'll nurture you.

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How I Work and What to Expect

Emma understands you are an individual, with very individual problems, experiences and history. Emma will provide you with a detailed health questionnaire to complete, use as a guide and add your own comments to. Through this and also by acquiring different medical reports Emma can begin to get a feel for where you’ve been and where you are right now.