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Health Haven Retreats

These weekends have been designed to encompass a thorough health profile and consultation with Emma, but also gives you the opportunity to gain other knowledge, understanding and experience of how to institute the changes that might be advised. This is definitely intended to benefit and create a wider impact than just on you. These insights are to be gifted to 'you and yourn', for the betterment of all those in your family.

There are lectures and classes including:

  • environmental toxins and hazards, given by an external lecturer, Pasty Ward (re-link to bio)

  • exercise, breathing and stretch, held by Yon dan karate ka, Jason Sandford (re-link to bio)

  • karate for all

  • mind-body linking and meditation

  • nutrition and how to feed a family well and affordably etc.

All meals from Friday dinner to Sunday breakfast are all inclusive and this is part of the course regarding food preparation, cooking and combinations and nutritional value. As part of your weekend package you will also have a massage from our local massage therapist who is trained in sports massage, therapeutic massage and lymphatic drainage. She has had additional training in anatomy and has a host of experience both in life and her chosen field.

You will check into your accommodation on Friday afternoon/ evening in order to meet Emma and the other guests. Your health consult appointment and other activity timetable will be allocated and discussed. It is a small group intended to engender a communicative and participatory atmosphere.

Our hope is that you will leave us feeling satiated, content, relaxed having a new sense of optimism and empowerment regarding the health of you and your family. After the course we encourage you to continue your communications with each other and with us and a program of continued care is available to those who want it.

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