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How I Work and What To Expect

You are an individual, with very individual problems, experiences and history. I will send you a detailed health questionnaire that you may fill in, use as a guide and add your own comments to. I also ask you to send me copies of lab results, X-ray reports, letters to your GP from your ophthalmologist and other specialists. Through this, I begin to get a feel for where you’ve been and where you are right now.

Our first consultation usually takes between 1.5 to 2 hours, though the more complex or long-standing the problems, the longer it may take. My longest first consultation was 3 hours with a patient with lifelong problems since birth!

During this initial session I clarify and elaborate on your history and the questionnaire. The great download of information on how we are going to tackle your issues begins.

Session One

This first session is a mini-tutorial on your disease process, your lifestyle and nutrition and how these interact with each other i.e. how your life choices may be exacerbating and can be used as tools against your disease. We set the scene for your journey back to health. I’ll lay out our overall goals, both short and long term and how we're going to break them down into bite sizes, prioritising for the first six weeks.

In most medical situations your consultations rarely seem long enough. You always leave and then realise that you didn’t ask something; you didn’t understand something, you can’t remember what was said etc. I sympathise. I am happy to be that resource where a two-way conversation can begin.

I can help explain what your lead ophthalmologist has found, told you and plans for you. I can help to explain their treatments and protocols to you. Our work together will dovetail into your conventional pathway and hopefully make your ophthalmologists/ specialist/ GP and other specialists life easier. We will also discuss any alternatives that might be available. Sometimes a treatment can be delayed or the dose reduced. For instance a diabetic well managed will delay the onset of complications like diabetic retinopathy. A glaucoma patient well managed will delay the need for surgical intervention.

I prepare a detailed treatment plan for you to read through and have as a reference. So much information changes brains in this first session that it might be difficult to retain and make sense of. I am at your disposal to discuss and elaborate on any areas in question. You will have email and telephone access to me and I endeavour to respond within a few days. If I am indisposed I shall acknowledge your communication and give you an expected time delay for you to receive my response or further information.

I truly believe in the adage that “knowledge is power”, Sir Francis Bacon English philosopher and statesman, Attorney General and as Lord Chancellor of England. His works are credited with developing the scientific method and remained influential through the scientific revolution.

Kofi Annan, Secretary-General of the United Nations 1997-2006 elaborated on this nicely saying, “Knowledge is power. Information is liberating. Education is the premise of progress, in every society, in every family.”

I will ask you to keep in close touch on any difficulties, barriers, likes, dislikes etc. in your new diet, lifestyle, supplements and herbal prescriptions. I am here to help you succeed! I have tricks, short cuts and resources in my armoury, ready to help you. I intend to walk the path with you!

Second and Subsequent Consultations

Most patients will need at least two further follow up sessions and some patients will need and want lifetime support. Whilst my aim is to give you the tools to be independent I am also available for dealing with any new or intercurrent problems from the common cold to a gash or broken leg. After all, there is generally always something that can be added or improved upon.

I also take the liberty of keeping eyes and ears open regarding your condition and when I come across any new research that pertains to your problem, I will forward that information or integrate it into your treatment plan if warranted by the strength of the research in question.

Whilst I specialise in Natural Ophthalmology, general medicine remains a concern and interest. Most of my patients find that their general health and a number of other problems, ailments and diseases also improve. Remember the motto, Nourishing Eyes By Nourishing Life!

I very much look forward to working with you towards a better outcome.


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