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Breaking New Grounds with Ph360 Health Assessment App

Dr Emma Sandford, practitioner of natural ophthalmology and qualified medical doctor, is using a revolutionary health assessment tool called Ph360.

Emma describes it as an important lens that she uses to provide her with the crucial additional information she needs to help her patients develop their own customised health plan.

What is this health assessment platform all about?

It’s for all interested patients who want to understand their own individual health issues so they can work with Emma to improve their overall health; including their eye health.

This tool is based on epigenetics and provides a personalised healthcare plan that recognizes (UK spelling please) each individual's genes, environment, psychological make up, lifestyle and more.

With this cutting-edge platform, Emma can create treatments and prevention strategies specifically tailored to her patients' bodies, backgrounds, conditions, and current health statuses.

Even as a medical student in the UK, Emma has always been passionate about finding better methods for health care beyond conventional medicine. She was inspired to learn more about personalised medicine i.e. one size does NOT fit all.

Her drive towards this goal led her to continue her studies where Emma now holds a Bachelor of Natural Medicine and is continuing to break ground in this field.

How does the Ph360 Health Assessment app work?

This health assessment tool includes multiple body measurements measuring the bulk of muscles and skeleton, an understanding of epigenetics to analyse an individual's genes, environment and lifestyle for determining their Health Type or BioType. If you want to find out more about the specifics of what epigenetics is read more here.

It allows Emma to create treatment and prevention strategies that are personalised according to people’s body makeup, conditions and current state of health.

The ph360 Health assessment tool is designed to build a personalised health care plan for each individual. It uses precise information gathering to identify any current and future health risks, and allows users to participate in the creation of their health plan. This enables them to avoid feeling overwhelmed by giving them a proactive, empowered approach to managing their own health.

Are you interested in taking the ph360 health assessment to develop a personalised health plan?

Emma, who has seen amazing results among her patients when they adopt good nutrition and individualised healthcare plans, invites you to join her in this ground-breaking health assessment. By delving into epigenetics, lifestyle, environment, climate factors and more, you will be set on the path for long-term optimal health. What could be better? Join Emma today and find out more.

Personalised Health Alliance and ph360

This health assessment tool relies on epigenetics to analyse an individual's genes, environment and lifestyle for determining their health status.

Every person is unique with their own health issues, specific genes, preferred lifestyle and environment. Each HealthType tends to have a dominant set of physical strengths and weaknesses, natural levels of hormones and neurotransmitter activity, physiological predispositions and inherent behaviours and needs.