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"I first consulted Dr Emma Sandford when I was diagnosed with a serious eye condition and I was interested in a more natural approach to healing my eyes.

Through the advise given by Emma, I came to understand that I had to improve my general health and well being to help my eyes.

Completing a very through questionnaire about myself and lifestyle, Emma offered me an insight into myself and how by making changes to my diet and lifestyle I could improve not only my sight but my general health.

Emma's vast knowledge and expertise of herbal treatments has helped not only with my eyes but given me the ability to treat myself effectively when I contracted a painful sinus condition.

As well as ongoing use of herbal treatment for my eye condition by using the other herbs suggested by Emma I am able to ward off any sign of a cold or sore throat very effectively, whereas prior to her advice I would have been unwell, with either doctor visits or buying up the chemist shop!

Although I need to have ongoing retina treatment, without Emma's balanced approach to my eye care, I would have found it very difficult to accept the treatment plan from my Eye Specialist. Emma has been very reassuring throughout this treatment in explaining to me in lay persons terms the medical results and scans which has alleviated any concerns I have re the treatment.

Emma is an outstanding Doctor who is compassionate about her patients. Having a foot in both camps, conventional medicine and progressive natural treatments means that Emma has the knowledge, expertise and wisdom to provide the very best care.

I'm very grateful to Emma for her contribution to my health and wellness."


"When I had a consultation with Emma concerning my son, I felt immediately at ease with her kind and gentle manner. I found her genuine concern reassuring and her advice was like gold. Thanks to her suggestions our A.S.D. (Autism Spectrum Disorder) son is calmer, more enjoyable and a lot happier in himself. It was evident to me that this was not just a job for Emma, but her passion, to see people whole and well."

C Boyd

" At the beginning of '21 I alarmingly developed double vision, my niece recommended Emma who has continued to be my go to practitioner ever since. The double vision was cured and currently we are working on treating my insulin resistance and diabetes.  I appreciate her holistic/big picture approach and how we create a treatment program together. In a nutshell she is an excellent listener with a keen ability to think outside the box. She has a thorough knowledge and understanding of the natural health approach to medicine and all wrapped up in a charming personality. 

Many thanks Emma."

Errol Cotton-Stapleton, Victoria, Australia.

I was told by my GP and specialist that, besides the drugs we had already tried, they didn't think there was much more they could do to help my condition, and that I would have to learn to live with it as best as I could. As my condition was having a very negative impact on my quality of life, I started searching online for alternative therapists.

After coming across the Nourishing Life website, I decided to contact Emma to see if she could help me. Although we are still working through the recovery program that Emma put together for me, I have to say that at this point in time, the results have been great, and I am enjoying life a lot more now.

What I found so refreshing about seeing Emma was that she doesn't just look at the symptoms; she digs much deeper to find the cause of your symptoms and to understand you as an individual so that she can tailor a program specifically for you. As we are all different, what works for one may not work for someone else.

So I am more than happy to recommend Emma from Nourishing Life if traditional western medicine is not working for you.


"I was privileged and fortunate to be under the care and support of Emma for a number of months. During this time I found Emma to be approachable, genuine, open to a number of health care approaches, supportive and knowledgeable. I never felt rushed during our sessions together and always felt listened to and understood. I really appreciate all that Emma has done to help me on my road to wellness. Without hesitation I would recommend Emma to others who are after a professional who treats you as an individual and genuinely cares for you on a number of levels. I wish Emma all the best for the future and am excited by the number of people she will continue to help."


I have neuropathy nerve pain in both feet as a result of an accident 30 years ago. I required two spinal operations and as, sometimes happens, l have a lot of debilitating nerve pain. Emma had an ointment made up for me with Herbs in it to rub into my feet. Within two weeks I felt a difference in the pain. It is much easier for me to walk now.

Betty Ann Mossop

Our experience of a consult with Emma was fantastic. Our 12 year old daughter felt very comfortable discussing potentially embarrassing matter with Emma, who had put her totally at ease. The consult was extremely thorough and we had a great workable plan when finished. Thanks Emma.


For anyone seriously embarking on a journey back to good health, I cannot recommend Emma enough. Her considerable skill and knowledge of both allopathic and complementary medical practices enables her to compile a personalised treatment plan which is both effective and achievable. The love and care she brings to her holistic practice is extraordinary and, in my experience, without equal. It has been a true privilege consulting with Emma, and receiving her wise counsel and meticulously researched wellness plan."

Pat Ward

I have medically diagnosed IBS that has never been corrected. Emma worked out Herbal Drops for this problem and I am amazed at how fast they helped me. When spending just a day or two away from home I had to have Imodium close at hand because of this problem. Last week I had six days in Australia and the first thing that I packed ( out of habit ) was Imodium. It was not required! It was wonderful and relaxing to have no bowel problems at all. Thank you Emma my life is so much easier without IBS symptoms. Emma is very easy to talk to and has a great knowledge of medical problems that can be helped with Herbal Drops.

Betty Ann Mossop

Five decades ago I, unknowingly, became poisoned with a Dioxin-related persistent organic poison called hexachlorobenzene (HCB – for short) while treating weeds on my agricultural property: it damaged my lungs and my blood system causing a wide spectrum of chronic and acute disorders.

I have had to study and manage those disorders largely on my own because the medical system is ‘organised’ in a highly-compartmentalised and dysfunctional way that is unsuited for addressing chronic systemic disorders and the myriad problems that they cause. Dr Emma however falls into a different category of medical specialist – one that is comprised of an elite few of minds that seek to understand and offset underlying ‘drivers’ of a disorder. It was through other such a group of minds - that have helped me to reach my mid-80s – that I first met Emma.

My eyesight was being compromised by HCB causing inadequate oxygen delivery while also destroying skin of my eye-lids and that of my surrounding eye-sockets. 

Eye specialists were of no help, somewhat lamely suggesting referral to dermatologists – who had already proved incompetent at addressing similar skin problems elsewhere on my body. After asking Emma’s assistance, I can now awake from sleep without finding my eyelids stuck to my eyes and without peering through ragged ‘curtains’ of skin. 

A bonus has been that Emma’s treatments have curtailed development of other facial lesions.

Thus, I can recommend highly Emma’s professional approach to eye health.